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Holiday Shopping Guide

Holiday Shopping Guide

"A Gift consists not in what is done or given, but in the intention of the giver." — Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Gift-giving is permeated with warmth. We experience it in our bodies, feelings, and thoughts.  When we ponder another and consider giving a gift, it warms our hearts and that warmth can be felt by those who receive our gifts. A gift does not have to be physical. It could be time spent together drinking hot chocolate by the fire or walking down the lane on a snowy day. Gifts are not measured by how much they cost or restricted to the material world. It is the gesture behind the giving that contains the meaning for the receiver and the giver.  

After a few years of turmoil in our lives, this time in the world has the potential for new beginnings, new ways of celebrating, and new ways of including others in our festivals of light and love. This year, consider gifts that warm the body, soul and spirit.

See below for a wide variety of smaller and larger gifts that inspire time spent together in nature.

Fleece, boiled wool and base layers will give you added comfort inside and out.

Small gifts to go with an adventure

Some of our favourite socks (shown above)

Shop Socks for the Family


More Small Gifts - Hats and Neck Buffs

Some of our favourite hats and neck buffs or scarves (shown above)

Shop baby hats
Shop toddler hats
Shop children's hats
Shop women's accessories
Shop men's hats
Shop unisex hats


Our winter mitts (shown above) 

Shop baby mitts

Shop toddler mitts

Shop children's mitts

Shop unisex accessories


Little bit bigger gifts

Looking for something a little more?  Did you know that our base layers can transition from activewear to pyjamas?  Merino wool is the very best for a good night's sleep.

Some of our favourite base layers/base layer pyjamas (shown above)

Merino Wool Base Layers: (warmest)

100% merino wool base layers for the family

Merino Wool/Silk Base Layers: (softest)

70% merino wool 30% silk base layers for the family



Bigger, get together with another gift

Group gifts are also wonderful when something bigger is wished for, such as a fleece, or a tunic. Come together in the act of giving.

Some of our favourite sweaters and jackets for children (shown above)

Melange Sweater for Babies and Toddlers
Aran Knit Sweater
Left Knit Sweater for Toddlers and Children
Fleece Jacket with Zipper
Terry Jacket with Zipper 


Some of our favourite sweaters and jackets for adults (shown above)

Fleece jackets and vests for men
Fleece jackets and vests for women


Looking for gifts for a specific age group?

Gifts for Babies

Gifts for Toddlers

Gifts for Children

Gifts for Women

Gifts for Men

Gifts Unisex