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Washing and Care Products

You now own a beautiful woollen item - how do you care for it?


Our woollens are natural and organic. They are produced with care with the environment in mind. Once you receive them, that gift will keep on giving to the earth. Here are a few points about woollens. Wash it less often. Spot wash stains. Wool loves being mended. When your woollen is worn out it goes back to the earth and naturally biodegrades unlike synthetic clothing or even woollens with synthetic content.


Wool has inherent qualities that allows it to disinfect and deodorize itself. After it has been worn allow it to air out over the back of a chair overnight before putting it away. The airing is part of its magic. Wool clothing does not need to be washed after every wear. Washing woollens worn close to the body once a month is a good rhythm. Everyone in the family needs to know to separate their woollens to ensure they don't go through the regular wash by accident.

Wool cannot be un-felted or un-shrunk.


100% wool will shrink/felt if it is agitated in water. Do not put in the washing machine - it will shrink. Use luke warm water. Extremes in temperature such hot or cold is a kind of shock for wool and it will shrink.

Hand Wash 100% wool products gently, with very little agitation in a sink at room temperature water with a wool wash. Let it sit in the wash for twenty minutes or so, then gently rinse and squeeze out the excess moisture. Roll in a towel to remove excess moisture to speed up the drying time. Block/reshape if needed. Lengthen the legs and arms after washing if needed. Lay flat on a drying rack. to dry.

Fleece Jackets rarely, if ever, need washing. Washing slightly changes shape. Spot washing is recommended.


These can be washed in the washing machine on the gentle wool wash setting. This setting will have minimum agitation and directional changes in the wash cycle. Do not use a dryer.Block/reshape and dry on a drying rack.


Any time of the year that you are not wearing your woollens, store them in sealed plastic bags or containers. Wash them before storing them. This protects them from moths and other creatures. Woolen moths eat the fibres and small holes appear. You may not think you have wool moths until you begin to see evidence of their presence. These creatures may think you are done with your woollens and will start to break them down for the earth before you are ready for that to happen! Moth boxes attract them to a visible spot to show you their presence.

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