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Love our Disana boiled wool suit, and can’t wait to get our Disana boiled wool trousers in the mail soon. Love that the wool is naturally temperature regulating, moisture wicking and so comfortable!


My 6 month old is so comfortable when he goes outside in his Hocosa baby base layer. It’s perfect for being on the farm as we spend a lot of time outside. I love how soft the material is and how it fits him so well.


My husband refuses to take his long johns off long enough for me to wash them. If I win, that $50 might have to go towards a second pair! Our baby is also adorable outfitted in her wool layers!


I love my woollies! I sleep in them, hike in them, and snuggle with my family in them. As someone with clinical depression, I feel cold a lot. My Engel tank top has become an important way to show myself a little love. It feels like a hug and a reassuring pat on the back all at once.

Thanks for spreading the warmth. It means a lot. 😊

Sending warmth your way,


My favourite item that I own is the Engel tank top. I wear it underneath everything! It is long enough to keep me warm and a perfect layer to wear on its own when it is warmer outside. 

My other favourite thing is that my son reaches for his Engel T-shirts above everything else in his drawers, that is enough to tell me they feel great to wear!


"I love the Disana orange vest and the Disana knitted green sweater we got from Warmth and Weather! Love the bold bright colours I can spot my kids easily.  I know if I'm buying wool from Warmth and Weather I don’t have to worry if my sensory fabric particular child will reject the wool because you only sell high quality wool. You get what you pay for as I've been passing bits and pieces from one kiddo to another. Thanks!"


Our baby Jovan is 9 months and has been outfitted in wool since birth!  Base layers, outer layers and now diapers. Jovan developed a diaper rash at 7.5 months so we ordered the Disana diapering set... the rash cleared in 24 hours after starting to use them. We are so grateful!


I love the Disana wool diaper covers! We pair them with the wool PJs and Disana sleep sack and my baby sleeps so well. And feels like a soft cloud. Just a way a baby should feel!!



I bought the Rose Disana Baby Overall, Boiled Wool last January 2020 in 3-6months size when my baby was only 5 months old. After a year, it's still my favourite and still fits her at 18months! It's so worth the price and has become my daughter's uniform when going out. She always wears it and you can see it if you visit my page.❤ I am planning to get her a bigger size because the quality is so good and looks beautiful!🙌


I love my baby’s Disana jacket because of its warmth and generous sizing, making it last for more than one season. It was my first W&W purchase along with some Engel base layers and I was so pleased to find Disana sample swatches in different colours included in my shipment. What an amazing personal touch in your service! I was unsure about the Curry colour from looking at websites alone but it is stunning in person. Now I know what my next W&W purchase will be ❤️


"This is the second year we have outfitted our boys in Warmth and Weather woollens.  It’s a big comfort to send them outside knowing they will be cozy no matter the weather, and our kids are outside A LOT. Both my children wear the wool under layers and mid layers every single day. I really can't imaging not having them!"

Dr. Kimberly Boileau. ND

  THANK YOU for selling this kind of stuff in Canada, every baby store I go to has (expensive!) synthetic polyester stuff.     This is Canada! Babies need warm clothing here.

Marta van Horik, London, Ont.

Love the fact you are distributing quality children's items. I believe in buying less, but lasting quality items, that are both good for the kids, environment and those that produce the clothes.

Agnes K., Vancouver

The package has been received and there are 2 very happy, warm and cozy babies! Thank you for your dedication to quality. 

Joanne Harris, Markdale, Ont.

We love everything.  A pleasure to dress my kids knowing they are warm and happy at daycare and playground on the weekends. Thank you once again for quick shipping and beautiful goodies. So so happy!

Katya Pereyaslavska, Toronto

We appreciate the wonderful clothing.

Sheila, London, Ont.

I love the garments that you sent me - they are divine!  They fit perfectly and I love the colours.  They are handy even though it is warming up.

Judi Remegio, Oakville

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