Organic Woolens for Warmth, Weather and Wellness

Wool - Nature's Most Perfect Fibre

Pure Organic Merino Wool and Wool/Silk

Wonderfully warm for peaceful sleep or for little adventures.

Woolens - By Day or Night

Be ready for all kinds of weather day or night with a basic kit of a sleeveless, short-sleeved and long-sleeved shirt and long johns/leggings.

Base Layers for the Young Child

Organic wool/silk clothing maintains a comfortable core of warmth for growing bodies.


Love your quality children's items. I believe in buying less, but lasting quality items, that are both good for the kids, environment and those that produce the clothes. It is the first time we purchased items from Disana via you, and I really like the feel/look. My daughter loves her skirt and the jacket, and already we have had many compliments.

Agnes, Vancouver 

I love my warm woolly shirts and leggings. Thank you. Quick delivery as well.  Will order again for sure.

S. Andrews, Surrey, B.C

First night in my new pajamas. These are the most comfortable things I have ever worn and I never want to take them off!  

Caitlin Rooney, Nova Scotia

I love my warm woolly shirts and leggings. Thank you 

Quick delivery as well.

Will order again for sure


It's the most beautiful clothing your children's skin will ever touch. Some adult selections too!

Westdale Childrens' School

I am thrilled to have found your store. I’ve been searching for quality wool undergarments for a long time.

Sulema James, Hamilton, Ont.

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