The Wisdom of Wool

To Feel Wool is to Feel Well

Warmth is the primal substance out of which life is created and we maintain our bodies. To be dressed in wool, especially next to the skin, brings a natural foundational warmth that supports wellness for the whole family!

Wool for all kinds of Weather

Wool is not just for winter! Wool is warmth and moisture-regulating, keeping us warm in the cooler months and cooler in the warmer months.

It absorbs up to one third of its own weight in moisture and depending on external conditions, is able to return it to the environment. Synthetic clothes may look the same but do not allow the skin to breathe and accumulates uncomfortable heat and moisture. Cotton does not ‘wick’ away moisture and can result in a cold and clammy feeling next to the skin.

Unpleasant odour comes from bacteria which develops quickly in the moisture from sweat. Animal fibres, like wool and silk, take up the moisture and wick it away by airing; thus bacteria cannot settle as easily. Crop fibres such as cotton as well as synthetics hold bacteria. Knitted clothing form an insulating air cushion more than woven materials. A natural warmth is generated without heat build-up, regulating humidity, and supporting a healthy skin climate.

Merino Virgin Wool

Merino wool is finely crimped and feels soft and cosy. Wool and silk blends are agreeable even to very delicate skin. Wool/silk blends keep their shape to a high degree and show a minimum of shrinking. The proportion of blending can accentuate the characteristics of each of the fibres and provides a comfortable and long-lasting wear experience.

Silk is especially healthy for the skin. Silk actively balances temperature, giving warmth when it is cold and cools down when warm. Silk is suitable for people with sensitive skin. Silk can take up 40 % of its own weight as moisture.

The Merino wool used by our clothing manufacturers are from sheep raised in a natural environment and on organic farms. The animals live a healthy and stress-free life. The use of pesticides is forbidden both on pastures and on the animals.

Wool for Babies

Babies need warmth for their developing bodies. It takes up to 9 months for babies to regulate their own body temperature. When they are dressed in warm woolens next to their skin, they feel cozy and can be more content. Woolen bonnets and baby onesies with long johns are the ideal base layer for babies and young children. They can maintain their body temperature, especially if they spend time on the floor.  Wool prevents heat and moisture accumulation, which for instance, can be noticed with synthetic clothes or plastic diapers. Wool/silk blends are especially kind to babies with sensitive skin. Silk liners are useful for diaper rashes.

Babies and young children need cozy nightwear as they often do not stay under their covers. Woolen sleeping bags enclose baby with warmth while they sleep.

Care of your Woolens

Wool and silk regenerate in fresh air and do not need to be washed frequently. They are long lasting and keep their shape when hand washed. We advise washing wool and silk with a mild detergent in warm water without rubbing. Rinse with plenty of water of the same temperature. After rinsing, wrap the clothing in a towel, squeeze dry and stretch into shape. If possible dry flat. When drying silk clothes avoid long and direct sun; otherwise the fibre gets brittle and loses its firmness.  The woolens can also be machine washed on gentle or wool cycle in warm water.