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The Gift of Warmth

The Gift of Warmth

Warmth is one of the greatest gifts we can give our children and ourselves. The warmth of love and physical warmth brings a sense of well-being. The fibres used to make clothing makes a difference. Wool is nature’s super fibre - cozy, breathable, odour and stain-resistant and requires less washing. Clothing made of organic merino wool and wool/silk is eco-friendly, biodegradable and sustainable. Woolens are good for us and good for the environment.

Warmth supports well-being. Children’s bodies are growing inside and out all the time. Providing warmth through clothing allows their ‘growth’ energy to develop their brain, heart, liver, lungs etc. rather than for keeping warm. We are more susceptible to germs and viruses when we are wet and chilled as the body must use its energy to keep warm therefore less energy is available to fight infections and maintain the immune system. With woolens a child can develop their sense of warmth and by doing so strengthen their immunity and build a foundation for a healthy body for life.

The fibres used to make clothing make a difference. Cotton, hemp and rayon are plant-based fibres and are by nature ‘cool’. The body receives no warmth from them and when they get damp they are clammy and cold. Synthetics are good for water and wind proofing however they trap moisture and cause sweating which is uncomfortable and also unhealthy. What is good for warmth? Animal fibres of wool and silk are warm by nature. They add their warmth to the body.

Putting on a piece of wool clothing is like getting a hug. They regulate temperature as they are breathable; insulate from the cold and cool the body when it gets too hot. Moisture build-up on the body is able to evaporate through the wool. Wool base layers migrate moisture to the mid-layers, which if they are wool-based, migrate it to the environment.

When clothed well in woolens, children have the freedom to play indoors and outside while being warm and dry naturally.