Warmth Affiliates

You can be part of the Warmth & Weather Team’s mission to foster warmth!

Our Warmth Affiliates are individuals who love our clothing and want to help others in their community get Warmth & Weather discounts and free shipping.

Affiliates represent schools, child cares, home-school, and community groups that value getting outside in nature.

To become an Affiliate, an individual applies on behalf of their community and takes responsibility for their organization’s Warmth Affiliate Program. Warmth Affiliates then promote two week periods during which their members receive 10% discounts and free group shipments. There is no limit to the number of two week periods that can be offered within the Affiliate weeks.

Annual Affiliate Promotion Windows

  • August 1 - September 30
  • October 1- November 15
  • February 1 to March 31

Affiliate Benefits

  • Community members receive 10% off purchases and free group shipping during Affiliate Weeks
  • Shipments are sent out as a group at the end of selected Affiliate Weeks
  • Warmth Affiliate receives 10% of their total Affiliate Week sales in Warmth & Weather gift certificates 
The Affiliate weeks
  • A Promotion code will be created for your community’s group shipping. The code must be used for the promotion to be counted.
  • Members will use their unique code to link their order with a group's shipment.
  • After the Promotion has ended, we will consolidate all the orders and ship to a single location for distribution.

How do Warmth Affiliates get paid?

  • Sales are tracked through your unique code and gift certificates are sent out twice a year at the end of December and the end of April. 

To Sign Up:  

1. Apply

Sign up for a Warmth Affiliate account by filling our the application form here.  

Here are the three times frames for running promotions:

  • August 1 - September 30
  • October 1- November 15
  • February 1 to March 31. 

An email will be sent to you confirming your application.


Once accepted, (takes 2-3 days) a confirmation email is sent, with your login link to the Warmth Affiliate program where you can access the affiliate dashboard.  Here you will find your unique code and where you will be able to see all the sales your community has generated.

Bookmark the Affiliate dashboard login page (https://warmthandweather.goaffpro.com/login ) in your browser.


You will gain access to your own Affiliate Dashboard where you can track your communities sales and gift card earnings.

On the left hand side of the dashboard, you will find the unique code that can be shared with your community.

Contact jared@warmthandweather.ca to set up your group shipment.

Should you have any questions please feel free to contact us at info@warmthandweather.ca.

Thank you for joining our Warmth and Weather Team’s mission to foster warmth.