Become A Shop & Support Affiliate Organization - Shoppers Receive Free Shipping in Special Promotion Weeks!

Warmth and Weather is pleased to offer organic merino wool and wool/silk clothing for the whole family.  We started the company for families and schools to access warm clothing within Canada and the US.  

The importance of warmth for the developing child has been understood and recommended by Anthroposophical physicians and Waldorf teachers for over 100 years. When children, and adults too, are warm they have a sense of well-being. The woollens are organic and manufactured in Europe. The clothing is both kind to the skin and to the environment.


If you’re a school, childcare or organization looking to foster warmth and raise funds in your community, then the Shop and Support Affiliate program
is for you!


Shop and Support is hassle free!  People shop on-line and your organization earns commissions.  

Here’s how it works:   We have an app. on our site that tracks purchases made through a link that is connected to your organization.   This link can be on your website or sent in an email.   You register for the app. and then post the link that is embedded in a 'Shop and Support' banner.  It takes the customer to our store and they shop.  Sales are identified with your organization. 

Shoppers buy the products and support your organization when they shop. Your organization fundraises while you sleep! 


a) Special Promotion Weeks - earn 15% commissions and customers receive FREE Shipping.  These orders are group shipped, individually wrapped, to your organization for distribution.  You decide the weeks that you will do a 'Shop and Support' promotion during the months of August, October and March.

 b) Yearly - earning 10% commissions on all sales during the year.  Customers pay for shipping and orders are shipped to the customer's home.  


To Sign Up:  

1. Read Terms

Before applying to become an affiliate, please read the Terms Of Use.

2. Apply

Sign up for an affiliate account by filling out an application here.  Let us know the two weeks you would like to run your promotions. (see Terms of Use).  An email will be sent confirming your application.


Once accepted, (takes 2-3 days) a confirmation email is sent, with your login link to the Affiliate program where you can access the members' section.   Here you will find your referral link and ad banners ready to copy and paste. 

2. A members area is set-up on the app. where you will find your uniquely encoded links. The codes keep track of all purchases made by your community. 

3. Ad banners are created for your use…simply copy the embeddable code and paste as HTML, to promote sales on your website, newsletters, blogs or social media.

4. Your dashboard tracks all sales and commissions. Payouts are sent directly through PayPal 3 times a year.

5. To create a PayPal account follow link:


You will gain access to your own affiliate management area where you can track your referrals and earnings.

Should you have any questions please feel free to contact us at

Thank you for joining our mission to foster Warmth.

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