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Sweaters & Jackets for the Family

Warmth & Weather carries many styles, weights and colours of sweaters for children, cardigans for women, and fleece jackets and vests for adults. They are comfortable and lightweight for wearing indoors or as layers for warmth outside.

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  1. Disana Baby/Toddler Melange Sweater with button, Knitted Wool
  2. Disana Toddler/Child Hooded Jacket, Organic Merino Boiled Wool
  3. Disana Child Sweater, Left Knit, Wool Knit
  4. Engel Women Fitted Jacket, Merino Wool Fleece
  5. Engel Men Jacket, Merino Wool Fleece
  6. Reiff Women Freida Sweater, Merino Wool
  7. BMS Child Softskin Rain Jacket
  8. Engel Child Jacket with Zipper, Fleece