Wool is natural, hypoallergenic, insulating, temperature regulating, moisture wicking and repellant, odour resistant, stain-resistant, self-cleaning, and biodegradable. Until around 18 months, a baby's ability to regulate their own temperature has not yet matured, especially if they are premature or have a low birth weight. 

In cold weather, wool creates an insulating barrier by trapping warm air next to the skin and creating the perfect microclimate to retain heat. Wool is wonderful at blocking wind while outside and acting as a cooling barrier by wicking perspiration away in hot conditions. 

You might be asking, but won't wool irritate my baby’s skin? Scratchiness in wool depends on the type of wool and the length of the strands of the wool. Our companies create their items with the highest quality soft merino wool. Wool allergy is actually quite rare and if someone seems to be having a reaction to wool, it is more likely a chemical used on the wool. Using organic or eco wool will usually solve the problem. 

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