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Merino for Spring & Summer

Merino for Spring & Summer

"I never overheat in merino as it breathes so well."

Merino wool stays cool and comfortable in warm weather because it breathes and regulates body temperature. Wool is a clean choice for your closet that delivers amazing personal comfort: toxin-free, renewable, biodegradable, and sustainable. 

I recently traveled to Costa Rica with my family in February, and we lived in our summer merino. For my five year old daughter, it was all about those adorable Hocosa bermuda shorts and Hocosa merino wool/silk T-Shirts. 

The Hocosa children’s shorts come down near the knee and are available in two styles: striped with white and blue merino, or simply blue merino/silk. Soft and smooth, there is no itchiness to contend with.  Once my daughter put on her wool shorts and a t-shirt, she was ready to go! Personally, I was living in my Engel Tank Tops, one in copper and the other a olive green, paired with black Engel biker shorts. Flattering and functional. 

Wicking and breathable, we hiked through the jungle to a hidden waterfall and despite dripping with sweat in general, we didn’t feel hot and sticky in our wool summer clothing. Our clothing breathed with our skin, and felt comfortable under heavy backpacks while lugging snacks and drinking water down for a waterfall-side picnic. 

When we finally arrived, I took a video of my friend dressed in her Engel Tank Top and Biker Shorts, with the waterfall cascading in the background. My friend, who I’d dressed for the photo shoot, could not believe how comfortable summer merino feels. Light and airy, thin yet warming when nighttime temperatures crept in. Having relocated to a place where it is hot year-round, they had largely dismissed merino as a sustainable clothing option for fears it was simply too hot. After this experience, she felt strongly merino was back on the menu! 

Enjoy merino year-round! Shop our full line-up of summer clothing options for the whole family, available now on

Written and photographed by Kate Heming Panchal

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