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Wool Care in Spring

Wool Care in Spring

How-To Prepare your Woolens for Summer Storage

Did you know that spring cleaning has been associated with improved moods, decreased stress levels, and boosted creativity? Less clutter equals cleaner air, easier breathing, and less anxiety. 

Removing cobwebs, washing windows and tucking winter clothing away until the fall is a way we can embrace the spring season. Getting your body moving while preparing your home for warmer weather is just what we all need to feel well. 

Once the weather has shifted to being above freezing consistently it is time to tuck away the heaviest woolens including bulky weight sweaters, long sleeve base layer shirts and leggings, wool hats and mitts.  Remember to keep some of your lighter weight woolens accessible for cool summer nights and camping trips.  Tanks, t-shirts, ¾ leggings and bike shorts come out of storage for the summer months!

  1. Make any repairs that may be needed before storing, we carry Wool Repair Patch kits from Engle for repairing base layers.
  2. Remove any stubborn stains with Disana Ox Gall Stain Remover before washing.
  3. Wash with Disana wool shampoo as per the recommendations for the item of clothing.
  4. If you are storing woolen diaper covers remember to re-lanolize the wool covers with Disana Lanolin.

  1. Thoroughly dry - make sure there is no moisture left when you put it away for the summer.
  2. Put your woolens in the package the item came in or in a zip-locked bag - we like freezer bag weight or clothing storage bags as you can remove all the air from the bag and then they take up less room in storage spaces.  You can also use sealed plastic storage containers.  The goal is to keep moths out!
  3. Store the bags in a cedar chest or closet if you have one. Lavender sachets are helpful for keeping moths at bay.  You can also put a few drops of cedar essential oil in a spray bottle and occasionally spritz the storage space to deter moths.

  1. During warmer months moths make their way into our homes.  Our Moth Box is a sticky trap designed to monitor clothes moths.  Through pheromones, in the sticky trap, the male moths are attracted to the glue board.  The number of moths on the trap shows you if there is a moth infestation and how big it is.  We also have Moth Box Refills which are sold separately 

Good care lengthens the life of your woolens. Our brands have been created to last, but proper maintenance is important to get the most out of your wool wardrobe. When fall returns, awakening your woolens from proper storage can feel like you’re opening them for the first time! Take your time, love the process, sing while you work, and enjoy every moment. Happy Spring Cleaning!

Kate and Heather

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