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Baby sizes fit children from birth to twelve months old. The baby products include base layers, mid-layers and outer layers.

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  1. Engel Baby/Toddler Onesie, Long-sleeve, Merino Wool/Silk
  2. Engel Baby/Toddler Onesie, Long-sleeve, Snaps on front, Merino Wool/Silk
  3. Hocosa Baby/Toddler Onesie Long Sleeve, Wool/Silk, Natural
  4. Engel Baby/Toddler Long-Sleeve Shirt with Snaps, Wool/Silk
  5. Hocosa Baby/Toddler Onesie Long Sleeve Wool/Silk, Blue Jean
  6. Hocosa Baby/Toddler Onesie Short Sleeve, Wool/Silk, Natural
  7. Engel Baby/Toddler Onesie, Short-Sleeved, Wool Silk
  8. Engel Baby/Toddler Long-sleeved Shirt, Wool/Silk
  9. Hocosa Baby/Toddler Shirt, Long Sleeve Wool/Silk, Blue Jean
  10. Hocosa Baby/Toddler Shirt Long Sleeve, Wool/Silk, Natural
  11. Engel Baby/Toddler Yoga Pant, Merino Wool/Silk