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Hirsch Natur Unisex Norwegian Star Sock with Reinforced Sole, Merino Wool

  • $26.00 CAD

Hirsch Natur's adult classic Norwegian Star socks are made of pure new organic wool with reinforced soles created by using an additional thread inlay.  This padded sole adds warmth without added bulk.  

Material: 100% organic virgin wool

Washing: Hand wash with wool wash.  These socks do not need to be washed every time they are worn, they can be worn several times before washing.  The lanolin in the wool is part of the magic of the wool, it helps to keep feet warm and dry as well as providing deodorizing and disinfecting when allowed to air out between wearings.

A NOTE ABOUT OUR SOCKS: Hirsch Natur socks are 100% wool!  That is a rare find in the sock world. They are the warmest socks and they will keep your feet from getting sweaty and cold in your boots or shoes.  Make sure the sock fits your foot properly, the heel needs to sit on the reinforced heel part of the sock.  The socks are designed to be stronger on the toes and heel to limit getting holes in them.  The company recommends that you don't over-wash socks, have at least 3 pairs and allow them to rest and air out for at least two days after wearing them. Washing could be monthly in that kind of rotation.  If the socks do get holes in them we recommend darning - there is still lots of life left in the socks! - here is a how-to video for darning socks.  Your heel should sit on the heel of the sock to ensure that it is in the reinforced section of the sock.

European Standards of Quality and Sustainability

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