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Filges Wool Felt Bioland- Assorted 15 Colour Pack, Organic Wool

  • $157.00 CAD

This plant-dyed wool felt is 100% organic, produced by Filges. The wool comes from sheep that are raised entirely organically, according to the standards of Bioland. The felt is extremely durable and 1 mm thick, making it ideal for crafting, mending, and more.

The felt is 100% organic pure new wool, measures 20x30 cm, and includes one sheet per colour. It is 1 mm thick and comes in an assortment of 15 colours, including: 

01 red brown

02 rust brown

03 salmon

04 sunshine yellow

05 light yellow

06 light green

07 grass green

08 forest green

09 dark blue

10 mid-blue

11 pale blue

12 lilac

13 purple

14 red

16 pink

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