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Engel Baby/Toddler Yoga Pant, Merino Wool/Silk

  • $44.00 CAD

Engel Baby/Toddler Yoga Pant is a perfect blend of Merino Wool and Silk, offering comfort and functionality.

Crafted from 70% Organic Merino Wool and 30% Silk, these yoga pants provide extra leg room, ensuring unrestricted movement for your little one. The high-waisted design offers coverage around the developing vital organs, providing added protection.

These pants are the ideal companion to the matching onesies, offering gentle warmth and a stylish ensemble. The Merino Wool/Silk blend is exceptionally comfortable against the skin, making it the preferred choice for babies and children with sensitive skin.

Even though they are designed as an essential base layer, these yoga pants can be worn all year round, including as pants in the warmer months. Merino wool is naturally breathable and thermal regulating, outperforming cotton in temperature regulation. It keeps your baby comfortable in both warm and cool conditions.

Engel's wool is finely crimped, ensuring a soft, non-itchy feel against your baby's sensitive skin. It creates a cozy and comforting experience, allowing your little one to move freely while feeling snug and protected.

Choose the Engel Baby/Toddler Yoga Pant for comfort, functionality, and style. Give your baby the gift of a luxurious and gentle material that will keep them comfortable and content throughout the day.

Care Instructions: Wool garments possess natural antibacterial properties and are resistant to dirt and odours, requiring less frequent washing. To achieve optimal results, use a wool shampoo and wash wool garments in warm water within a sink or basin. Afterward, gently roll the garment in a towel to remove excess moisture. Block it into shape and hang it up to dry.

Alternatively, this garment can be safely machine-washed using warm water (30°C) and a gentle or wool wash setting.

Material: 70% Organic merino wool / 30% silk - GOTS certified.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
favorite baby pants

These are my favorite pants for babies because of the soft waistband. Most other pants has an elastic waistband which can be too tight. My child would always try to kick off them off. But he likes these ones. The sizing is generous and ao far I'm really impressed with how they've held up. You can double fold the waistband and leg cuff for warmth or to size it down. So baby can wear for a long time, well worth the price!

Great pants

Grow with me style, fits for a long time. Great over cloth bums. Wide waist band stays in place well and doesn't dig in. Thin. Good for warm days or as a base layer.

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