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Engel Baby Onesie, Long Sleeve Kimono Style with Front Snaps, Wool/Silk

  • $48.00 CAD

Engel organic merino wool and silk onesies are soft and gently warm.  There is no fibre that is more perfect for wrapping a newborn baby in than wool-silk. The kimono/style onesie from Engel makes dressing easy and fun with the convenient front closure. Nothing to pull over the head.

Wool/Silk is a good blend for sensitive skin and provides breathable comfort for skin.  Silk actively balances temperature, giving warmth when it is cold and cools down when warm.  Snaps at the shoulders and bottom.  

Care: Wash by hand or machine on the wool wash cycle in warm water.

Material: 70% Organic Merino Wool/30% Silk 

European Standards of Quality and Sustainability

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