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Disana Lanolin, Wool Conditioner, 200ml

  • $11.00 CAD

Lanolin is the natural wax in sheep’s wool. The wax envelops the fibres, protecting them from harsh environments.  Disana woollen products contain plenty of natural lanolin, which protects and cares for the wool fibres.

A woollen diaper cover uses up it's lanolin and will need to be re-lonlinized. Woollen products lose the natural wax in the washing and drying, which is why the fibres need to be replenished with lanolin every now and then.  Woollen diaper covers are moisture repellant and it is lanolin that makes the wool antibacterial.  The lanolin is slightly acidic which neutralizes the alkalinity of urine. The lanolin self-cleansing the wool allow wool diaper covers to be worn, hung inside out to dry, and be re-used many times before washing.   

Disana liquid lanoline dissolves easily in lukewarm water.  After washing place the woollen item in a bowl with the lanoline. The wool fibres absorb the lanoline which protects against dirt and dryness.

Contents /INCI: lanoline, polysorbate, cetyl alcohol, citric acid, sodium benzonate, potassium sorbate, aqua. No perfumes, skin and eco friendly, no animal testings.

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