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Disana Baby/Toddler Overall, Boiled Wool

  • $156.00 CAD

Disana Overall in Ultra-Soft Boiled Merino Wool – the perfect fit from head to toe for your little one. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this overall is designed to provide exceptional comfort for your baby.

It features a spacious hood, roll-ups on the arms and legs, and delightful big tagua nut buttons. Each of these carefully crafted elements adds to the overall's appeal, making it a truly special garment for your precious bundle of joy.

Made from high-quality boiled merino wool, it is a comfortable outer layer, providing warmth and protection during outside playtime and car rides. Wool is renowned for its exceptional temperature and humidity regulation properties, and our overall harnesses this characteristic like no other fabric.

Our boiled merino wool is enriched with a high lanolin content, ensuring that every fibre is touched, creating a nearly waterproof barrier. This added feature enhances its versatility, making it suitable for various weather conditions. Your baby will stay cozy and dry, whether it's a light drizzle or a chilly breeze.

We have incorporated a newly shaped hood into the design to enhance its functionality further. This updated feature ensures a better fit and added protection against the elements, ensuring your little one stays snug and secure.

Give your little one the gift of coziness and comfort with this exceptional overall.

Material: 100% organic merino wool with 100% organic cotton lining.

Care Instructions: Hand wash Disana Boiled wool clothing:

  1. Fill a sink or basin with lukewarm water and mild wool shampoo.
  2. Treat heavy stains with ox-gall soap, gently pushing the article.
  3. Avoid wringing or rubbing; gently push the item for 1-2 minutes.
  4. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.
  5. Squeeze out water carefully, avoiding distortion or gently roll in a towel.
  6. Lay the wet article on a terry cloth or drying rack to dry, reshaping if needed.
  7. Choose a shady, well-ventilated area for drying.
  8. Ensure the article is completely dry before use or storage.

Following these steps will help you hand wash your Disana Boiled wool.

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