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Aries Mottlock Replacement Adhesive Traps with Pheromone Bait- 2 Pack

  • $20.00 CAD
  • $20.00 CAD

Aries Mottlock Replacement Adhesive Traps with Pheromone Bait are replacement traps for the Aries Mottlock Moth Box.

Clothes moths are yellow and shiny, the wingspan is about 15mm, females lay between 100 and 200 eggs.  The caterpillars hatch after 14 days and take 3 months to develop into moths at room temperature.  In warm spaces there would be 3 or 4 generations can hatch in a year.  It is the caterpillars that create holes in wool when undisturbed.  They will use the wool fibres to create their cocoons.  Moths are light sensitive and the moths you see are the male moths, females can not fly that well when carrying the eggs and will die shortly after mating and egg-laying.  

During warmer months these small moths make their way inside the home and do not have to originally be clothes moths, they become so due to necessity.  

The Aries Mottlock Moth Box is a completely non-toxic, chemical-free alternative to chemical pest control.  The Moth Box is a sticky trap designed to monitor clothes moths.  Through pheromones, in the sticky trap, the male moths are attracted to the glue board.  The number of moths shows you if there is a moth infestation and how big it is along with slowing the process that is going on.

To be successful it is important to clean all spaces where clothes moths hide and pupate.  Pay attention to cracks and behind furniture.  Store clothing that is not being used in sealed plastic bags (many of our items come in a container that is meant for this purpose). Storing them in off-seasons prevents them from becoming a home to the moths.  Move and shake textiles, beat carpets and regularly expose them to sunlight.  Temperatures below freezing and over 45 degrees celsius damages eggs, caterpillars and moths.

If you are not seeing results consider the following:

  • make sure the trap is not in a draughty location - move it about to see what the best location is
  • the moth swarm may be over and you may need to wait for the next one
  • the pheromone is no longer active - put a replacement sheet in the box
  • the issue may be another insect that infests textiles
  • lavender and cedar are moth deterrents,  cedar lined closets, spraying lavender and or cedar essential oil in storage spaces may keep moths away

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