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  • "Disana pants with straps are warm, comfy, great for layering or on their own, they last a long time and look adorable! They allow free movement (material/knit pattern has some gentle stretch to it) while shirts and sweaters always stay tucked inside. When these pants were still a bit big, we crossed over the straps and so they lasted really long for us."


  • Disana Bonnet - "This is the perfect hat. Soft, durable, grows with baby, comfortable. Our baby wore it all the time, inside and out. In the snow, it layers under the Disana boiled wool bonnet, and tucks under the Disana jacket hood."


  • "The perfect baby blanket, nursing cover, lap blanket...we just keep it next to the recliner to use all day. It is soft, light, warm and cozy."


  • "My baby has worn this sweater basically every day from 2months to 6.5months. It's soft and cozy. The button at the neck makes it easy to pull over head and sleeves rolled up nicely at the beginning. Kept her super warm inside and outdoors. The perfect layer if you have only one warm sweater!"