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Engel Baby/Toddler Sleeper with feet, Wool/Silk

  • $57.00 CAD

Engel Baby/Toddler Sleeper with feet is made from an exquisite blend of Wool and Silk, bringing unparalleled comfort to your little one's sleepwear collection.

This sleeper is a true delight for sensitive skin, created with soft and lightweight merino wool/silk fabric. Its breathability ensures optimal air circulation, preventing heat buildup and guaranteeing a comfortable day or night sleep.

The unique Wool/Silk blend offers a multitude of benefits. Silk actively balances temperature, providing warmth in colder conditions while cooling down when it's warm, ensuring your child stays cozy and comfortable in any weather.

Designed with the utmost care, this sleeper features feet, offering extra warmth and coverage for your little one's tiny toes. It's the perfect base layer to wear under any sleep sac, creating a nurturing and secure environment for a peaceful slumber.

Invest in the Engel Baby/Toddler Sleeper with feet and indulge your child in the luxurious blend of Wool and Silk. Experience the ultimate comfort, breathability, and temperature regulation, all in one beautifully crafted garment. Give your child the gift of a soothing and restful sleep, day and night.

Care: Wash in warm water by hand or machine on a gentle or wool cycle. Block to original shape and hang to dry.  

Fabric: 70% Organic Merino Wool/30% Silk - GOTS certified

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