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Spring and Summer Hats

Protection from the cool weather or from the sun, a hat is an essential item all year round!

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  1. Pickapooh Child Balaclava, Wool/Silk
  2. Pickapooh Unisex Balaclava, Wool/Silk
  3. Pickapooh Unisex Rap Hat, Wool/Silk
  4. Pickapooh Child Rap Hat, Wool/Silk
  5. Pickapooh Child Beanie, Wool/Silk
  6. Pickapooh Toddler/Child Fisherman Sun Hat, Cotton - UV 20
  7. Pickapooh Paula Baby/Toddler Hat, Wool/Silk
  8. Pickapooh Toddler Beach Hat, Organic Cotton
  9. Pickapooh Toddler/Child Reversible Sun Hat, Cotton
  10. Pickapooh Child/Adult Luca Hat, Cotton
  11. Pickapooh Toddler/Child/Adult Loopi Neck warmer, Wool/Silks