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Disana Jackets and Coats


Disana jackets are made of boiled wool with great attention to detail. The jacket has a large hood matching the children’s head shape and pockets with plenty of room for everything they might collect. Large tagua nut buttons help small hands to put on and take off the jacket on their own. The extended back length prevents the jacket from riding up and keeps the children’s backs nice and warm when they bend over or crawl along. The hood, neck and shoulders are lined with fine organic cotton.

A new feature this year is the finely knitted cuffs that fit gently over the wrists to maintain warmth.


Disana’s coat is elegant, trendy and absolutely suitable for everyday use. With a long cut, this boiled wool coat keeps one warm on cold days – even when sitting, thanks to the length. Its high collar not only looks good and underlines the coat’s sporty line; it also ensures thermal protection on the neck. The neck is soft due to a sewed in cotton lining. The two deep pockets on the front offer space for important essentials. The sleeves have ample soft cuffs.

Disana Jackets and Coats are made of 100% wool and have a partial lining made from 100% cotton.  The merino wool from organic farming and cotton from organic cultivation.

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  1. Disana Toddler/Child Hooded Jacket, Organic Merino Boiled Wool
  2. Disana Baby Hooded Jacket, Boiled Wool


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