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The company was originally founded over 125 years ago by Walter Achtnich-Glitsch, in 1886.It was started as a knitwear factory in Winterthur, Switzerland, which produced underwear for ladies and men for export to England and France. Thanks to the positive development of the markets in 1906 he decided to create a new factory building. Three generations of the founding family followed.

In 1993, the company was bought by Hochuli & Co. of Safenwil, Switzerland. Hochuli & Co was founded in 1897 and produced underwear for children and babies in different qualities such as cotton, wool and wool / silk. Only after 4 years, the owner decided to sell the company.

In 1997 the company Sawaco SA, owner of the trademarks Sawaco of Switzerland and HOCOSA of Switzerland was sold to the family Schwarz.  As noted by owner, Paul Schwarz, the HOCOSA line is dedicated to organic fibers. The organic underwear from HOCOSA of Switzerland is BEST– and/or GOTS-certified by IMO-Switzerland. We are a member of IVN-Germany (International Association Natural Textile Industry) and since 2001 member of the Demeter Association, Switzerland.

The products currently carry Europe’s coveted Kb-T Certification for Organic Textiles. Building on over 25 years of experience in the field, we feel particularly qualified to offer our services and products to everyone with a serious interest in promoting the use of organic- textiles. Our products are manufactured in Bedano, near Lugano, Switzerland, according to the strictest environmental requirements and can therefore be sold as “Swiss Made”.


If you are looking for the warmest base layers you are looking for clothing that is made from organic pure new wool.  Hocosa’s fine merino virgin wool is created from animals that are kept in their natural environment, are shorn by hand and are raised free from pesticides.

This wool is absolutely natural, particularly soft and cozily warm.

Wool possesses the natural ability to clean itself by being aired. When they need to be washed we recommend hand washing with a laundry soap designed for washing wool.


If you are looking for softness the combination of organic pure new wool and the extraordinary characteristics of silk may be what you are looking for. Fine merino wool is absorbent and warm, silk is smooth and comfortable to wear.  Our 70% Organic wool / 30% silk is machine washable at 30°C( i.e 86°F) on the wool setting.  Wool and Silk, together, provide a temperature balance and support the natural capacities of the skin.


For the most sensitive of skin, Hocosa’s natural 100% Tussah-silk is comfortably cool in the summer and pleasurably warm in the winter.  Silk is especially good for very sensitive skin, or sensitivities caused by allergies. 

Hand wash is recommended.


All our dyes are free of heavy metals and formaldehyde.

We do not use optical brighteners. All our textiles are dyed according to the IVN  guidelines.

When handled with care and considering our washing recommendations these precious products will preserve their beauty and you can enjoy wearing them for a very long time.

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  1. Hocosa Child Legging with Cuff, Wool/Silk
  2. Hocosa Child Long Sleeve Shirt, Wool/Silk
  3. Hocosa Child Sleeveless Shirt, Wool/Silk
  4. Hocosa Child Legging with Cuff, Wool, Solid
  5. Hocosa Child Legging with Cuff, Wool/Silk, Blue Jean
  6. Hocosa Child Long Sleeve Shirt, Wool/Silk, Blue Jean
  7. Hocosa Child Long Sleeve Shirt, Wool, Solid
  8. Hocosa Unisex Legging with Cuff, Wool
  9. Hocosa Unisex Long Sleeve Shirt, Wool/Silk
  10. Hocosa Women Legging with Cuff, Wool/Silk
  11. Hocosa Unisex Long Sleeve Shirt, Wool
  12. Hocosa Women Camisole, Wool/Silk


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