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Engel - for the love of our skin and the environment

Our family-owned company has been making base layers and clothing for 85 years. By using untreated cotton in 1982 the company started to concentrate on natural textiles in an exemplary and consistent way.

Today, our collection includes base layers and clothing for babies children and adults, fleece and boiled wool clothing in merino wool for babies and children as well as fleece clothing for adults.

We use the finest organic merino virgin wool and natural organic merino virgin wool with silk. All the dyes we use are free from heavy metals and have always been free from harmful AZO-dyes. We use only reactive dye, which compounds particularly well with fibre and stands out for its fastness. We do not use any kind of chemical finishing in our textile processing.

Every part of our process is bio-degradable and must not pollute soil, air and water. All the materials are nickel-free, and our buttons are made from natural, renewable raw materials. In order to guarantee our high-quality, we require all our products to be colourfast, resistant to stains and perspiration and have minimal shrinking.

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  1. Engel Women Legging, Merino Wool/Silk
  2. Engel Child Leggings, Wool/Silk
  3. Engel Child Long Sleeve Shirt, Merino Wool/Silk, Solid
  4. Engel Women Long Sleeve Shirt with Round Neck, Merino Wool/Silk