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Disana Wool Shampoo

  • $4.00 CAD

Disana shampoo is good for wool.  The structure of wool's fibres makes it especially sensitive to heat, friction and strong chemicals.  Care needs to be taken when washing woollen products. (note that wool/silk products are slightly less sensitive to heat and friction). 

Disana wool shampoo is mild and thus well suited for all wools.  Its ph value is adjusted to wool, which is slightly acidic, preventing the wool from matting when washed. As it is a concentrate, it is economical and is suitable for hand or machine washing.

Small travel or gift size 30ml will wash two loads in the washing machine set to wool wash.

Larger 200ml will wash 12 to 13 loads in the washing machine set to wool wash.

Contents / INCI: Cocamidopropyl betaine, panama bark extract, sodium lauroyl glutamate, citric acid, aqua. No perfumes, skin and eco friendly.

European Standards of Quality and Sustainability

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