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Base Layers for the Family

Children’s bodies grow rapidly inside and out, especially in the first six or seven years of their lives. Their parents form Their physical body, and then over time, they begin to create their own body out of a substance called warmth.  All through our lives, heat weaves unseen within us, maintaining our bodies’ health. Warmth is the foundation for health and physical well being.  A babies’ thermostat is new and not yet able to maintain a stable core temperature. When babies get too hot or too cold, it is much harder for them to cool down or warm-up.  Maintaining core body temperatures is where Warmth and Weather can be of support.

Adult bodies require warmth to maintain health and well being - discover for yourself what it is to be warm enough.

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  1. Engel Child Sleeveless Shirt, Wool/Silk
  2. Hocosa Child Short Sleeve Shirt, Wool/Silk
  3. Engel Child Long Sleeve Shirt, Merino Wool/Silk, Solid
  4. Hocosa Child Legging with Cuff, Merino Wool, with Knee Patches
  5. Engel Women Tank Top Wool/Silk
  6. Engel Women Long Sleeve Shirt with Round Neck, Merino Wool/Silk
  7. Hocosa Unisex Short Sleeve Shirt, Wool/Silk
  8. Hocosa Men Longjohn with fly, Wool/Silk