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BMS Raingear

Sustainable products are important to BMS, that's why we develop quality products with a long life cycle.  BMS is developed where children play, in the forest, on the playground, in the garden, where they are in movement and in nature.   We don't do fashion, we do timeless play!

BMS garments are very durable, our colours are harmonious and we choose materials according to grip-ability, appearance and functionality using the latest technological developments. Uncomplicated fabrics that are washable, dirt and water repellent.  We reserve the right that all waterproof coatings environmental performance and meet the recommended standards set by Greenpeace polyurethane.

BMS Works!  Why did we choose BMS for our Rainwear?

  1. It keeps children dry and the mud stays on the outside.
  2. It allows the child to have free movement.
  3. The fabric stays soft no matter the temperature and is environmentally conscious.
  4. It is created to be roomy enough to layer over warm wool layers or snowsuits.
  5. It's built to last.

We have sizes to fit children from one to thirteen years of age.

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  1. BMS Child Waterproof Rain Mitts, Fleece Lined
  2. BMS Child Softskin Rain Pant with Bib
  3. BMS Child Softskin Rain Jacket
  4. BMS Child Waterproof Rain Mitts, Unlined
  5. BMS Child Softskin Rain Pants with Elastic Waist Band
  6. BMS Baby/Toddler Waterproof Rain Mitts, Fleece Lined
  7. BMS Toddler Softskin Rain Jacket
  8. BMS Baby/Toddler BabyBuddy®Rain Pant with feet
  9. BMS Child Silicone Foot Straps for Rain Pants
  10. BMS Baby/Toddler Waterproof Rain Mitts, Unlined


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