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How-To Mend a Hole in Fine Knit Merino Base Layers

How-To Mend a Hole in Fine Knit Merino Base Layers

10 Steps

  1. Identify hole.
  2. Pick colour of darning yarn. This could take awhile.
  3. Sit down and pour cup of tea.
  4. The thickness of your darning yarn has to match the thickness of the fine knit merino. You don’t want your darning yarn too thick. Depending on the thickness, you may need to pull apart the threads. You want a thin thread. The darning yarn we sell should work fine as it’s a 5m. Thread the needle. Good luck.
  5. Work with pants inside out!!!
  6. Now this is the tricky part: you don’t tie a knot in the end of your thread. You make a little stitch at the very top of the rip, then pull the thread through the stitch — but not all the way! Pull the thread so the end of the string matches the length of the rip, plus room to tie off, so leave a little extra.
  7. Now, leave it long. 
  8. Stitch over the end of the thread as you’re sewing. This is so you can tie it once the hole is sealed. 
  9. Seal the hole making cute little stitches. Again, it takes practice.
  10. Stitch til the hole is sealed.
  11. Tie with a Surgeons Knot. Three wraps around the overhand thread. Then double knot.
  12. Cut excess thread — not too close to knot!
  13. Congratulate yourself. You did it. You mended. 👏

Photos by Celine MacKay @celine_mackay_ 

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