Wool Fleece
To create wool fleece, after knitting, the fabric is washed then the surface is roughened on both sides to create this wonderful plush effect. The fabric is then “shaved” to a uniform height and at the same time, the thicker side of the exposed fibres are loosened to create fullness. Sometimes a small part of these trimmed fibres remains on the fabric, which can lead to pilling on the finished product when you first purchase your garment. Engel's fleece fabric for babies’ and kids’ clothing is a little thinner than the one used for making adults’ jackets and vests.

Advantages of Wool Fleece
Wool fleece is cozy, soft, light and warm. Thanks to the high elasticity, wool fleece does not restrict movement. The surface structure provides room for air pockets, which retain body warmth and allows air to flow giving the fleece breathability. Wool fleece is very good at regulating body temperature. Wool is also naturally dirt and water repellent.

Wool fleece is naturally biodegradable and will not end up impacting the environment.

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