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Speaking of Love

Speaking of Love

Do you love wool as much as we do? We've been felting simple offerings for our sweethearts, and wanted to share how easy it can be to show someone you care. A home-made card, a felted wool craft or a delicious meal can all be meaningful ways to show gratitude for the loves in your life. Children often want to give presents, and showing them ways to offer appreciation without spending money is a gift in itself. 

DIY Wool Hearts


Wool Fleece

Soapy Water and a Heart-Shaped Cookie Cutter

AND/OR Felting Needles with Felting Pad



There are so many ways to make felted wool crafts. You can take a little ball of wool fleece, dip it in some soapy water with a little soap added, then work the fleece in your hands until a form shapes. If you have a cookie cutter, you can use it as a frame to help shape your felt craft. 



If you have felting needles and a felting pad, you can select your fleece colours and get to work! Use your imagination to create any kind of soft, wool gift for the ones you love.  You can create felted wool hearts, or customize your craft for the one you love. If they love flowers, faeries or sheep – any craft is possible!



Reflect on the reasons why giving to the ones you love feels so good, and share this with your children. Making something from the heart – even if it isn’t perfect – is an important lesson for little ones learning how to love in this big world. 

Happy Crafting Wool Lovers!

Blog Post by Kate Hemming Panchal

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