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How to Make a Winter Bird Feeder

How to Make a Winter Bird Feeder

Winter birds need love during these colder months. The berries are long picked from the bush, the worms and bugs are buried deep in frozen ground. Feeding birds is a favourite winter pastime at Warmth & Weather, and we thought we’d offer inspiration with a twist – here’s how to make a Winter Bird Feeder out of ice!

 What you’ll need:

  • Glass Bowls in Two Sizes or Tin Cans; one big and one smaller to fit inside
  • Water
  • Stones
  • Tape
  • Biodegradable twine
  • Cranberries, oranges or juniper berries – Birds love to peck at the fruit!

The Supplies:

…And here’s what you do!

Step One:

Fill up your larger bowl, a little less than half way with water. Place the smaller bowl inside.

Step Two:

Tape the small bowl in place so it doesn’t shift around. Weigh the small bowl down with stones.

Step Three:

Place your fruit and berries around the larger, outside bowl, in the section filled with water. Add the twine so it will freeze in place, as well. Make sure the twine is inserted far enough so it doesn’t pull out when you remove the smaller bowl after freezing.

Step Four: 

Put your bird feeders in the freezer or outside (if it’s cold enough!). Freezing could take all night.

Step Five:

Once frozen, peel the tape off the smaller bowl and take the stones out. Gently fill the small bowl with warm water. Run warm water around the edge of larger bowl if necessary. You want to melt the inner bowl lightly, just enough to wiggle the smaller bowl free. Don’t warm it too much or your ice sculpture may begin to loose shape!

Step Six:

Fill the hole in the middle of the ice sculpture with delicious bird seed!

Step Seven:

Hang outside on your favourite tree branch. Enjoy!

Thank you to Tara at Little Pine Learners for this wonderful bird feeder inspiration. You can find her original recipe at

Blog Post by Kate Heming Panchal

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