The first three years of life are so unique. A child of this age is totally open and trustful of the world and yet dependent on their needs being met by those around them. Care for a child under the age of three has very special qualities. It is seeking adults who are striving to grow and develop their soul and spiritual qualities. 

By understanding and respectfully meeting the needs of the child we build up and strengthen the child in preparation for moving out into the world. Through conscious daily rhythm, the child is guided into life.  A child needs plenty of time for exploring the outer world, meeting others, meeting himself, developing all the senses, especially the senses of touch,  life, movement, and balance.

The environment around the young child needs quietness, simplicity, warmth, peacefulness. It allows safe exploring of their bodies and the spaces around them. Toys can be very simple and made out of natural materials including items you already have at home.

Creating a rhythmical daily life permeated with an understanding of the child’s need for:

  • Quality and quantity of sleep
  • Healthy nutrition
  • Movement and exposure to nature including walking as a daily activity.
  • Caretaking filled with warmth, presence of being, and joy.

All this creates the possibility for the child to feel safe and secure, and thus develop healthy self-esteem.

Last but certainly not least,  a child learns to meet the world through relating to another.  The perfect place for this interaction to take place is during caring for your baby, changing, feeding, bathing, diapering are all opportunities for creating a deep meaningful connection between you and your baby.

Child development unfolds most fully in the context of a community with social relationships among parents, family, caregivers, teachers and children. 

Diapering with Disana 

Disana, a German-based company, is one of our suppliers of eco-friendly organic wool and cotton. Disana is a founding member of the International Association of Natural Textiles, which ensures the textiles are not only made with healthy materials and that neither workers nor animals suffered in the making of the products. They have the most delicious clothing.  In this email, we would like to share with you the diapering products we carry.  

Below you will find a link to a short video about diapering with Disana's Knitted Organic Cotton Diaper. To save time at diaper changing time,  set up all of your clean diapers after washing  - ready to go on the shelf near the changing table.    A onesie, over top of the diapers, is the next best step.
Here is the Disana video created to help you see the process.

Disana Diapering Products

Disana knitted diaper made of 100% organic cotton - This knitted diaper is the centrepiece of the Disana diaper system. Its stretchy knitted fabric follows baby‘s every move, keeping the diaper flush with your child’s body even when they wiggle. Its unique form is easy to put on and is designed to fit perfectly from the first to the last day your child's diapering needs. That makes Disana knitted diapers far less costly than expensive disposables. A flannel or muslin liner is placed inside the diaper. 

Disana brushed 100% organic cotton liner - These cloths are folded into a strip and used as an absorbent liner inside the knitted diaper. Made from lightly brushed cotton they are pleasantly soft and absorbent.  These liners are the perfect accessory. They can also be used as a bib, burp cloth, face cloth and lots more. 

Disana Paper Fleece Liner - made of wood pulp: highly tear-resistant paper can be added to the cotton liners in the diaper.  It picks up solids, keeping the nappy cleaner. The used cellulose liner can be flushed away — 100 sheets per roll.

Disana Knitted 100% Organic Merino Woollen Overpants - Woollen overpants are put over diapers and are suitable even for tiny children. Their high knitted waistband stops leaks as well as keeps baby’s tummy warm. Woollen overpants are good for overnight diapering.  They absorb excess moisture and the natural lanoline neutralizes odours as well as keeping the overpant dry. You may air it out after use several times before washing. Thanks to the natural self-cleaning function of wool, the pants are hygienically clean. After a few washes, the lanoline must be added again. The simplest way to do so is with Disana lanoline treatment, in which a teaspoon of lanolin in the wash water allows the wool to be replenished. The woollen overpants will then stop leaks again for several weeks. 

Organic Muslin Diaper Liners - Made from 100% organic cotton these liners, an option to the brushed cotton liners have a higher absorbency capacity than cotton which makes them an excellent nighttime liner.  When you first receive them you will find they feel rough, once washed, they will become softer and fuller.

Silk Diaper Liners - This is one of natures little miracles.  If baby’s bottom is ever even a little sore, a raw silk liner is helpful and healing. Raw silk contains plenty of natural silk bast, which has an anti-inflammatory effect. The silk also gently cools down the inflamed skin. The raw silk liner is added to the nappy alongside the cotton liner, up against baby’s skin. It is changed every time along with the diaper until baby’s skin is no longer red.

100% Organic Cotton Velcro Diaper - Velcro closing diapers are good to have when you are travelling or away from home.  They have an integrated elastic which provides a snug fit without pinching. Sewn-in cotton liners make the nappy extra absorbent. 

Boiled Wool Velcro Diaper Cover - This cover is made of natural, fine Merino wool that has been prewashed and slightly felted to make it leakproof and highly absorbent. Its simple shape and the big Velcro fasteners make it easy to put on and take off.  This cover speeds up diaper changes for older children who may be on the move. The wide knitted waistband keeps leaks at bay. In areas designed to absorb more moisture.  There is an extra wool lining sewn into the cover.

Disana Wool Shampoo, 200ml.  Disana shampoo is good for wool.  The structure of wool's fibres makes it especially sensitive to heat, friction and strong chemicals.  Care needs to be taken when washing woollen products. (note that wool/silk products are slightly less sensitive to heat and friction). 

Disana wool shampoo is mild and thus well suited for all wools.  Its ph value is adjusted to wool, which is slightly acidic, preventing the wool from matting when washed. As it is a concentrate, it is economical and is suitable for hand or machine washing.

Contents / INCI: Cocamidopropyl betaine, panama bark extract, sodium lauroyl glutamate, citric acid, aqua. No perfumes, skin and eco friendly.


Disana Lanolin, Wool Conditioner, 200ml  Lanolin is the natural wax in sheep’s wool. The wax envelops the fibres, protecting them from harsh environments.  Disana woollen products contain plenty of natural lanolin, which protects and cares for the wool fibres.

A woollen diaper cover uses up it's lanolin and will need to be re-lonlinized. Woollen products lose the natural wax in the washing and drying, which is why the fibres need to be replenished with lanolin every now and then.  Woollen diaper covers are moisture repellant and it is lanolin that makes the wool antibacterial.  The lanolin is slightly acidic which neutralizes the alkalinity of urine. The lanolin self-cleansing the wool allow wool diaper covers to be worn, hung inside out to dry, and be re-used many times before washing.   

Disana liquid lanoline dissolves easily in lukewarm water.  After washing place the woollen item in a bowl with the lanoline. The wool fibres absorb the lanoline which protects against dirt and dryness.

Contents /INCI: lanoline, polysorbate, cetyl alcohol, citric acid, sodium benzonate, potassium sorbate, aqua. No perfumes, skin and eco friendly, no animal testings.


Disana Ox-Gall Stain Remover, 200ml  Gall Soap removes stubborn stains on wool and silk textiles. It is used whenever wool shampoos are not enough. Applied directly, massaged gently into the stain and rinsed with clear water, gall soap removes organic soiling from wool and silk articles.  Ox-Gall is a concentrate and is intended for targeted stain removal.  A few drops will suffice in removing stains from delicate materials.

Contents / INCI: cocamidopropyl betaine, mipa laureth sulfate, lactic acid, ex-gall concentrate, canola potassium salt, aqua.