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Visiting Disana

Visiting Disana

Last spring, Jared and I, along with our partners Hannah and Bill, embarked on a whirlwind tour of all the companies we represent at Warmth and Weather. We love all of them, each one offering something unique to our line of clothing! In this post, I'd like to share our visit to Disana in Lichtenstein-Holzelfingen, located in the heart of Germany's garment region.

When we arrived at Disana, we were warmly welcomed by Elmar and Corina. Elmar is the son of founders Dieter and Imma Sautter, along with his sister Aiga. Corina, our main contact at Disana, holds a leadership position at the company. After a heartwarming conversation, we were given a tour of the facility, which had moved to a new space since my last visit. If you can believe it, the facility is fully powered by the river that flows by their manufacturing building.

We toured the knitting room, filled with various knitting machines. Some machines create knitted products like leggings, while others knit large skeins of fabric to be felted into boiled wool products, such as jackets and trousers. Next, we saw the new automatic cutting tables programmed to maximize the use of boiled wool, including all those lovely shapes that fill the small spaces between pattern pieces. We also saw the new recycling project, where all of the ‘too small’ scraps are broken down to create felt that is then used to create products like chair pads, yoga mats, and coasters.

Moving on, we toured the sewing room, where all projects are finished and prepared for labeling and packaging. Next, we visited the labeling and packaging department. Last but certainly not least, we saw the shipping department, where raw materials and newly boiled wool arrive and finished products are shipped out to customers around the world. It was such a learning experience, and I was amazed at how much has changed since my first visit several years ago. We definitely have more love and respect for the work they do at their factory in Lichtenstein-Holzelfingen, Germany.

But that wasn't the end of the tour. Afterward, we went to lunch at a local restaurant, Hotel Forellenhof Rössle. They served fresh fish from the river that powers Disana! The company was amazing, the food was excellent, and the view up the mountain to the local castle was spectacular.

When lunch was completed, much to our surprise, we then headed up the mountain to Lichtenstein Castle. There, we not only saw the castle but also enjoyed spectacular views of the surrounding landscape. It was such a gift to see the history of Disana, the present-day workings, and to get a sense of their future, all in one visit.

Yet, this was still not the last stop. We went back down the mountain to the town of Holzelfingen, where I last visited. Here, we visited the new Disana store and met Elmar’s wife, Renate Höcht-Sautter, who runs the store. If you ever want to see all the wonderful products Disana creates and you happen to be in Germany, this is the place to go! They have all that and more in a beautifully designed space.

We are ever so grateful for your amazing hospitality, Elmar, Corina, Renate, and all the amazing creators at the facility. Thank you.

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