Stockmar Watercolour Paint 20 ml/0.68 fl. oz.

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This selection of Stockmar watercolours is based on the natural graduation of the twelve-part colour-cicle, based on Goethe's colour circle.  They include the 3 primary colours red, blue and yellow and possess a high spectral purity and transparency. 

Children are spontaneous painters. Very early in life they express themselves in pictures.  They at first use colour as a means of expression, and here it is the feeling of the colour that plays an important role. Painting is greatly significant for a child's development. By consciously giving shape to their world of impressions, children deal with and internalize their own experiences. And they experience their creative works as confirmation of their abilities.

For the beginner I would suggest starting with just one of the primary colours at a time.

Awarded 5 Quality Certificates 

Made in Germany