Engel Women Pyjama Trousers, Wool/Silk

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Engel 70% organic merino wool and 30% silk is luxuriously light, soft and warm. Breathable merino is ideal for nighttime wear as wool remains warm when damp compared to cotton which can become cold and clammy.  

Wool absorbs up to one third of its own weight in moisture and depending on external conditions is able to return it to the environment.  Synthetic clothes may look the same but do not allow the skin to breathe and accumulates uncomfortable heat and moisture. 

Unpleasant odour comes from bacteria which develops quickly in the moisture from sweat. Animal fibres, like wool and silk, take up the moisture and wick it away by airing, thus bacteria cannot settle as easily. 

Machine washable on gentle cycle in warm water up to 30° C. 

70% Organic Wool/30% Silk