Engel Baby/Toddler/Child Leggings, Merino Wool/Silk

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Engel Toddler Leggings, in beautiful organic merino wool/silk, is very comfortable against the skin and the preferred material for babies and children with sensitive skin. It is essential that the baby can wear all year round.

Wool is breathable and thermal regulating in comparison to cotton. 

Engel's wool is finely crimped, does not itch and feels soft and cozy against baby's sensitive skin.    

Care - Wool garments are naturally antibacterial and do not retain dirt or odours quickly, so you do not need to wash this garment frequently.  For best results, you'll want to use a wool shampoo and wash wool garments by hand with cold water (water shouldn't be ice cold as it can shock fibres as well). Hang to dry. If preferred, this garment can also be washed in the machine with cold water (30 C) on a gentle setting.

70% Organic merino wool / 30% silk - GOTS certified.