Engel Baby Organic Fleece Blanket

Engel Baby Organic Fleece Blanket

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Engel Baby Fleece Blanket is the most comfortable, soft, warm and cozy!   Light in weight, it still maintains warmth.

Wool is warmth and moisture-regulating, keeping baby warm in the cooler months and cooler in the warmer months.  Natural warmth is generated without heat build-up, regulating humidity, and supporting a healthy skin climate.

Wool absorbs up to one-third of its own weight in moisture and depending on external conditions, is able to return it to the environment. Synthetic clothes may look the same but do not allow the skin to breathe and accumulates uncomfortable heat and moisture.

Animal fibres, like wool and silk, take up the moisture and wick it away by airing; thus bacteria cannot settle as easily. Plant fibres such as cotton as well as synthetics hold bacteria.  

Size: 80x100cm