Disana Blanket Double-Faced, Boiled Wool

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Disana double-face blanket introduces a completely new boiled wool material to the Disana range. It is heavier than the previous boiled wool, but still wonderfully soft and elastic.  The two-colour look makes the double-face blanket special. The material with two differently coloured sides is neither sewed nor glued, it is simply bonded using a special knitting technique. While boiling this material, each side takes up a little colour from the other, which creates the fabulous melange shades.

The blanket is hemmed with a durable double crochet stitch around the edges, essential for a cosy and warm woolly blanket.  

Size 1 - 200 x 135 cm  Size 2 - 100 cm x 135 

100% Organic Merino Wool