Disana Baby Diaper Cover Wool

Disana Baby Diaper Cover Wool

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Diana woollen overpants, made of fine, soft merino wool, are suitable even for small children. The high knitted waistband not only stops leaks, it keeps baby’s tummy lovely and warm, helping to keep baby warm.

The breathability, absorbency, and self-cleansing properties of wool make it a great cloth diaper cover and it can also be used as clothing at the same time; as pants, shorts or covers (soakers) over a cloth diaper.  They are natural alternatives to plastic, non-breathable diaper covers; thus helping with less diaper rash. Wool is an excellent solution for heavy wetters and nighttime diapering.

Lanolin, the natural oil in sheep wool, is moisture repellant and what makes the wool antibacterial.  The lanolin is slightly acidic which neutralizes the alkalinity of urine.
The lanolin and self-cleansing properties of the wool allow wool diaper covers to be worn, hung inside out to dry, and re-used many times before washing.   

Thanks to the natural self-cleaning function of the wool fibres, the pants are left hygienically clean. If all the lanoline in the woollen overpants is used up, or if the pants have been cleaned, lanoline must be added again. Disana lanoline treatment can be used to replenish the water repellant nature of wool. The woollen overpants then stop leaks again for weeks.

You will know re-lanolizing is needed if the wool starts smelling “not so fresh” or if it starts to leak. Depending on the frequency of use, the amount of lanolin in the wool, and whether it is soiled from wear, this can be anywhere from 1-4 weeks between washings. Some people want their wool diaper covers to be a little bit felted as it makes the wool more leak-proof, however felting also means that the cover has less elasticity or stretch.

There are two methods for lanolizing: (1) wet method, and (2) dry method.
Wet Method: Prepare a sink with warm water and wool wash.  Take a small jar and add a pea sized amount of liquid or solid lanolin, drop of baby shampoo, and very hot water.  Shake to completely dissolve the lanolin (if you see yellow globs, it is not dissolved) and add this to your sink, swish to mix, then add your wool cover inside out.  Allow the wool to soak for about 20-60 minutes, then drain allowing the lanolin rich water to run through the cover.  Make sure your wash water remains relatively warm to prevent lanolin from pooling and forming spots. Gently squeeze out water and roll in a towel. Lay flat to dry.

Dry Method: Make sure your cover is clean and dry.  Turn inside out and work a pea sized amount of lanolin into your hands.  Gently touch the wetzone with a light hand.  Once the lanolin is distributed, work deep into the fibers.  This puts the lanolin right where it is needed. 

100% organic merino wool.