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Ultimate Hat and Mitten

Balaclavas are ideal for children for so many reasons; most importantly, they protect the head, neck area and ears in cold weather.   A great deal of heat is lost through the head. While other hats slip around or come off in play, the balaclava’s design almost guarantees that your child's head will be covered.  

Warmth and Weather carry two different weights of balaclavas for warmth in the fall, winter and spring.  The wool/silk balaclava is made of lightweight wool/silk fabric and is ideal on its own for fall and spring. It also works well underneath helmets for skiing, skating or as a second layer under another hat or hood when the weather is very cold.    The fleece balaclava made of soft, eco-friendly organic merino wool. This fleece is made from wool and unlike synthetic fleece, offers a breathable warmth. The fleece balaclava is substantial enough to wear on its own in cold weather, and with the wool-silk underneath, it provides warmth in the most frigid weather.  

Good mittens are a must at this time of year!  Warmth and Weather have organic wool fleece mittens that keep fingers warm when the weather outside is cold. They have a stretchy wrist band that protects where there is often a gap between the jacket and mitts.  We carry sizes from babies to adults.  See our sizing chart for Pickapooh mitts.  

Wool is the ideal mitt as it stays warm even when damp.  Wool allows dexterity even when it is cold outside.   Our Abeko unlined waterproof breathable mittens fit perfectly over top of the wool fleece mittens when the weather is both cold and wet.
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