Disana Blanket, Boiled Wool

Disana Blanket, Boiled Wool

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Disana boiled wool is just right for a “Home Sweet Home” range of blankets.  Merino sheep in southern South America provide one of the finest wools in the world. This wool is invitingly soft to the touch and incredibly light, with a fine gloss. Weighing only about 520 grams per square meter, this boiled wool is extremely light.  At the same time, it is wonderfully fluffy and thick, with a delightfully even, matt gloss to its surface.

Disana boiled wool blankets have a contrasting colour seam at the edges that highlights the blanket’s fine character. A big flap sewed to one of the edges ensures that you will never suffer from cold feet anymore. You can either cover your feet, or depending on your needs for warmth, your head to give an extra cozy feeling. 

Size 1 - 135 x 200 cm.,  Size 2 - 135 x 100 cm. 

100% Organic Merino Wool