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get a perfect nights sleep

Base layers make the best pyjamas!

Unwind in the epitome of comfort with merino wool or merino wool/silk base layers as pyjamas.

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Hocosa Unisex Long Sleeve Shirt, Wool
Hocosa Child Long Sleeve Shirt, Wool, Solid
Hocosa Unisex Legging with Cuff, Wool
Hocosa Child Legging with Cuff, Wool, Solid

To feel wool is to feel well

To be dressed in wool, especially next to the skin, brings a natural foundational warmth that supports wellness in life. We live and have our own being of warmth. With warmth we become more human.


  • "This is the second year we have outfitted our boys in Warmth & Weather woolens. Both my children wear the under and mid-layers every single day. I really can't imagine not having them!"

    —Dr. Kimberly Boileau, ND

  • "My favorite item that I own is my Engel tank top. I wear it underneath everything!"


  • "I was so pleased to find Disana sample swatches included in my shipment. What an amazing personal touch in your service! I was unsure about the curry colour from looking at the website alone, but it is stunning in person. Now I know what my next W&W purchase will be!"


  • "I love my woolies! I sleep in them, hike in them, and snuggle with my family in them"


  • "I know if I am buying wool from Warmth & Weather I don't have to worry that my sensory fabric particular child will reject it because you only sell high quality wool."


  • "Love that the wool is naturally temperature regulating, moisture wicking, and so comfortable."


  • "My husband refuses to take his long johns off long enough for me to wash them!"


Warmth & Weather Marketplace

The Warmth & Weather Marketplace is a Facebook group created to buy, sell, and trade used woolens and rainwear.

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